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The UAF encourages its faculty members to provide the consultancy to the civil society for the solution of the problems under the frame work of the university.

  • The faculty member(s) as service provider or stakeholder as service seeker will directly contact with BIC/ORIC before to initiate the activity.
  • The faculty member after discussions mutually agreed points will reproduce on the judicial paper not less than Rs. 20/- and mention all the terms & conditions in the agreement.
  • The agreement will comprise alongwith other conditions UAF consultancy charges @20% and BIC facilitation charges @20% of the total consultancy fee charged for the stakeholder (service seeker) while remaining 60% will be the sole share of the service provider /faculty member
  • The consultancy agreement will be got signed by the Director ORIC after the approval of the competent authority (the Vice Chancellor)

In case of any dispute, the decision of the Vice Chancellor will be final and authenticated.