A patent is an exclusive right of ownership granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. The protection is granted for a limited period, usually 20 years (as stipulated in the TRIPS agreement). All IP developed by UAF staff, students and researchers in their own personal time, who are neither connected to university research nor developed with substantial use of university’s resources, shall belong to such UAF staff, students and/or researchers as inventors. Patent rights created by UAF staff based on university research with substantial use of University’s resources will be joint ownership of UAF and creator of patent right. Royalties for research team will be determined by separate agreement(s) on mutually agreed terms and conditions in case of commercialization of these patent rights.

How to Write a Patent

  • PI P3 forms will be filled by inventor for patent registration
  • Submit two hard copies of each patent along with soft copy of patent drafting at Business Incubator Center (BIC)/ORIC IP Office.
  • Patent registration fee is Rs. 4500/- for each patent. In case of UAF employee, this fee will be paid by the IP office UAF.

First page will comprise, Title of the Innovation and name of Inventor (more than one inventor is possible). Second page will comprise, Abstract/ concise summary of the innovation/innovative ideas, third page will comprise the objective of the innovation/ innovative ideas while fourth page will comprise. Field of innovation, background and detailed description of the innovation

    • Separate page will comprise the claim of the innovation
    • Separate page will comprise drawing (pictures with brief description of each picture)
    • Separate page will comprise references. (Each page must be numbered at the bottom)

Procedure for Filing a Patent

For getting patent number form IPO Pakistan, the scientist /inventor has to attach the following documents:

  • Form P-1, Form Form P-3A while officer at IPR Desk, UAF will ensure the attachment/ complete filling of the forms and facilitate to the scientist/inventor (if needed). Proper explanation of invention or new innovation needs to be clearly defined and each claim is to be defined in a single sentence.
  • Abstract contains a concise summary of the invention/innovation.
  • Drawings relevant to the invention/innovation are filed separately.
  • Signature of the inventor/scientist is needed at P-1 form and at the last page of the submitted documents.
  • After fulfilling all the requirements, a letter is written to the Treasurer, UAF for issuance of bank draft Rs. 4500/ in the favor of Director General IPO Pakistan and case is sent to IPO Lahore for examination.
  • If there is any observation/objections by IPO Lahore, the same is communicated to the scientist/inventor by IPR-ORIC for clarification/ rectification and after making necessary corrections/rectifications, the case is resubmitted to IPO Lahore on Form P-17
After fulfilling all the codal formalities, a provisional patent number is issued to the scientist against his/her innovation/product.