The Planning Directorate of Pakistan Agricultural Research Board (PARC) acts as ALP Secretariat. The objective of the ALP is to promote and support agricultural research and development activities in accordance with the Pakistan's long term development goals and to promote long term scientific cooperation between Pakistan and the United States in agricultural sector.

Initially concept papers are invited on the prescribed proforma through advertisement. After preliminary evaluation of the concept papers, the applicants are requested to submit a detailed, full blown project proposal for final evaluation and processing by the ALP Secretariat. Successful applicants are notified and an agreement to implement the project is signed between the sponsor and PARC. Fund shall support research and development projects generally for a period of up to 3 years. Extensions beyond three years will require approval of the Technical Advisory Committee.

How to Apply
Deadline for the submission of concept note to PARC is March 10, 2019.
Submit your concept proposals according to the instruction given in the preliminary proforma at ORIC, UAF till Friday, March 01, 2019 positively along with following documents

  • Five hard copies of concept proposals(4 copies for ALP and 1 for ORIC)
  • CV of PI & Co-PI
  • Budget in million rupees

Research Priorities
The Concept Papers should be developed on the basis of research priorities identified in the fields of:

  • Animal Sciences
  • Plant Sciences
  • Natural Resources
  • Social Sciences
  • Agricultural Engineering

Contact detail-PARC(ALP):

Dr. Ahmad Bakhsh Mahar,

Director General (Planning and Development Division) /Excecutive Director (ALP)

Ph: 051-9245468


Contact detail-ORIC:

Dr. Abdul Rashid

Associate Professor | Manager Research Operations and Development

Ph: 041-9200183 Ext: 3601


Ms. Raima Babar

Research Assistant

Ph: 041-9200183 Ext: 3601