Top Cited Papers
ORIC encourages the best performances in terms of scientific publications and publishers of Top Cited Papers are decorated with cash awards and certificates of appreciation each year. A panel of experts decides the winners where transparency is ensured by excluding self-citations. Right from the inception of this initiative, faculty members compete for the award with a sense of sportsmanship. The universities and degree awarding institutes are following the examples set by UAF to create an environment of competitiveness, dedication and recognition under the transparent research systems.

UAF has taken the initiative to appreciate top cited papers of faculty members according to following regulations.

  1. Top cited papers of each faculty will be appreciated as follows:-
      • Faculty of Agriculture = Two papers
      • Faculty of Sciences = Two papers
      • All Other Faculties = One paper each

    A cash of Rs.50,000/- for each appreciated paper & certificate to corresponding author(s) (faculty members only) will be awarded. However, certificate (s) of appreciation will also be awarded to the co-author(s). The corresponding author may share the cash award with the co-authors proportionate to their contribution.

  2. The ORIC will compile and verify the impact factor of research papers/review papers of principal authors and corresponding authors (faculty members only) through ISI Web of Knowledge and will present top cited papers to the Implementation Committee by the end of each calendar year. A paper cannot be considered twice for this recognition.
  3. Self-citations will be excluded from the score.
  4. At least 5-citations will be considered for appreciation to top cited papers.
  5. Research papers/review papers of retired faculty members will be considered if their papers have been published during their service in the University.
  6. Research papers/review papers of faculty members studying / working abroad will be considered if their papers show UAF affiliation.
  7. Winners will contest after 2-years gap.
  8. An implementation Committee as Standing Committee to maintain a threshold in appreciating top cited papers for prescribed cash award & recognition certificate (s) will be constituted by the Vice Chancellor.
  9. The above regulations will be effective from the year 2011.