The HEC Approved Supervisors program aims to assist PhD students in this regard by pairing them with qualified and experienced faculty members of HEC recognized universities, degree awarding institutions, and R&D organizations. PhD students funded under HEC in-country scholarship programs will work with HEC-approved supervisors for three years. HEC has revamped the entire process to become a 'HEC Approved Supervisor' from manual to online system. All PhD supervisors (Already Approved) are required to register and fill profile again on HEC E-portal.


  • The Supervisors who have been approved by HEC before three years at the time of applying at E Portal will be required to apply again followed by postal copy of application form through proper channel. PhD degree HEC attested/Equivalence certificate must be forwarded along with the application form (HEC and Non HEC Scholars both). There applications printed from E Portal will be re-evaluated after receiving hard copy through proper channel.
  • The Supervisors who have been approved within three years of applying at HEC Portal will be required to just register online and create profile again at HEC E portal. They do not require sending the hard copy through proper channel at this stage. Their application will be directly included in Approved Supervisor database.
  • From July 2017 to onward, all applicants either already approved/Approved but deficient documents/new applicants are required to apply via HEC E-portal only. Manual selection/application will not be considered in any case. Click on URL to apply for HEC Approve Supervisor:
  • All new /existing PhD supervisors are required to forward the application for 'HEC Approved Supervisor' via HEC e-portal only followed by postal copy through proper channel within 30 days of finally online submission of application. In case of failure, the application will be rejected.
  • The Login and password issued previously are not accepted. It is required to create a new User ID and password. User manual is available on navigation corner for stepwise guidance please. In case of any issue, kindly send screenshot at our email please.
  • Please always mention your application ID allotted by HEC Portal in case of any issue via email.
  • The education tab at e-portal is linked with (Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR). The respective academic degrees need to be register by relevant university under HEC PQR program so that applicant can enter the data. In cases of not having data in education tab at E-portal, it is therefore requested to please coordinate with your university Focal Person/ Registrar to register your degree program in Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) in HEC. So that program may be included in the online portal.
  • Application has been designed based on eligibility criteria defined /approved to become HEC Approved Supervisor, therefore, if any applicant is not eligible, the application process would not allow to proceed further. Therefore, it is required to read eligibility criteria carefully and fill the form accordingly.
  • All Applicants (HEC/Non HEC Scholars) will be required to submit the Copy of HEC Attested PhD degree/ HEC PhD Equivalence Certificate along with application form.
  • It is expected that entire applicants will provide the online information true without any manipulation, in case of any misrepresentation found, HEC reserve the right to take stern action in this regard.

General Requirements for Supervisors of All Disciplines

  • A PhD degree from an HEC-recognized national university/degree awarding institute (DAI), or reputable international university/institute.
  • A position of faculty member or researcher at a public or private university or DAI, or position of researcher or scientist at any R&D organization.
  • Approval from the head of institution, i.e. Vice Chancellor or Rector (for adjunct faculty only).
  • At least two research publications in the past five years with ISI (Institute of Scientific Information, USA) indexed journals with a significant Impact Factor OR
  • A cumulative Impact Factor of minimum 5.00 or more for their entire research publication record
  • A PhD degree obtained within the last five years from a reputable foreign university along with at least one publication.
Specific Requirements for Social Science, Arts and Humanities, and Business Education
  1. Candidates holding foreign PhD degrees from reputable international universities
    • Candidates who have completed their PhD in the last five years will be required to have at least one publication.
    • Candidates who completed their PhD more than five years ago must have:
      • Three local publications in the last five years in at least 'Y' category HEC-recognized journals, OR
      • Three publications in journals listed in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), Social Science Research, Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) and Arts & Humanities Search.
  2. Candidates holding local PhDs
    • International teaching/research/fellowship experience at the post-doc level for at least a semester, and three publications in the last five years in at least a 'Y' category HEC-recognized journals OR
    • At least two publications in the 'X' category and one publication the 'Y' category of HEC-recognized journals OR
    • Three publications in journalist listed in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), Social Science Research, Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) and Arts & Humanities Search.

Financial Support
The Approved Supervisors of the HEC indigenous PhD scholars will be given the following financial support by the HEC:

  • A one-time payment of Rs. 50,000/- upon the Board of Advanced Studies and Research's approval of the PhD Synopsis
  • A one-time payment of Rs. 50,000/- upon completion of the PhD thesis writing, and sending for evaluation abroad
  • A one-time payment of Rs. 50,000/- upon completing the PhD/degree notification


  • The supervisor must ensure that the scholar attends university/laboratory regularly, and is maintaining full-time status. They must report any significant inconsistencies to the HEC Indigenous PMU.
  • The supervisor is responsible for reporting the HEC Indigenous PMU when/if their student leaves the program for an employment opportunity.
  • The supervisor must inform the HEC of any changes in a scholar's proposed study plan that may extend his or her time of study
  • The supervisor is responsible for ensuring the timely completion of the scholar's PhD. To this end, they should make a study plan with their students, complete with a timeline of major goals, consistent with the HEC scholarship period (2 years for the MS and 3 years for the PhD).
  • The supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that the scholar, in keeping with their agreement with the HEC, is not employed while they are studying.
  • Supervisors of Indigenous scholars must ensure, consistent with HEC regulations, that they are physically enrolled on campus. The HEC does not allow distance learning for Indigenous Scholars.
  • Supervisors must ensure that scholars do not change their scholarship program (from Indigenous to foreign) without the approval of the HEC.
  • Supervisors must submit a profile to be published on the HEC website. This is a pre-requisite for dispersal of funds.
  • Supervisors must not advise scholars beyond the prescribed boundaries of the HEC.
  • Supervisors must ensure that their advisee recognizes the role of the HEC in their final PhD thesis.
  • Supervisors must support their advisees as they submit their Academic Progress Report and Funds Utilization Report to the HEC.
  • Supervisors must also extend their full cooperation to their scholars as they complete their PhD.
  • Supervisors are also expected to guide their scholars on matters of moral and personal growth (patience, self-confidence, and civic responsibility).
Click on URL to apply for HEC Approve Supervisor:

HEC Approved Supervisors