The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is going to launch batch-05 of UN volunteers in different districts of Pakistan. The objective of the program is to support civic education in schools, colleges, universities and communities across Pakistan to have informed and active citizens and voters. Under the “UN Civic Education Volunteer Program”, selected volunteers will be trained to conduct civic education training/sessions/activities in school, colleges, universities and communities. These volunteers will also receive a stipend and are expected to conduct activities to promote civic education, with a particular emphasis on the role of parliament and the government in ensuring democracy, provision of services to citizens and good governance while also promoting women’s National Identity Card (NIC) and voter registration. The applicants will apply online on the link provided in the vacancy notice/advertisement and the application deadline is October 11, 2019. The online link is live and functional and is accepting applications now.

For Program details and eligibility criteria:
Apply Online:
Duration: 6 Months
Expected Starting Date: 1st Week of November
Volunteer Living Allowance (PKR): 45,563/-